About Us  
  Pouya Dynamic Trading LLC was established in year 2007, in Dubai, UAE by Mr. Mohammed Reza Paktinat. PDT offers components and accessories for Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection System, Safety Equipments and Exothermic Welding materials along with Hydraulic Tools and Machines. During the short period of company’s life span, we are awarded with the sole agency of three international companies-DEHN+SOHNE, ALFRA and IZUMI.  
  Together with DEHN+SOHNE-Germany, world leader in lightning protection system and surge protection system, we offer accessories for external and internal lightning protection. For more products, click here.  
  ALFRA, the German brand for hydraulic tools and machines mainly being used by panel builders has the highest quality of products for our customers. For more products, click here.  
  The professional hydraulic tools such as hydraulic pumps, pipe bending machines, cable crimping tools etc. produced by IZUMI-the leading Japanese brand in the industry, can be used in variety of fields according to the customer’s field of operation. For more products, click here.  
  We offer our customers exothermic welding materials, for electric utilities, telecom industries, as well as different projects such as waste water treatment facilities, railways and many other grounding applications also, which provide high quality electrical connections that will withstand repeated fault currents. It has higher conductivity and higher corrosion resistance comparing to mechanical connections. Also, it is very easy to use and cost effective. For more products, click here.  
  We welcome you to our site and look forward to assist you with your kind requirements.